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At CMS our mission is to make sure that you receive the coverage you were promised and that it’s provided in a timely manner. If your home has sustained damages the last thing you want to do while
putting your life back together is spend countless hours taking pictures, making calls, sending emails and meeting multiple inspectors just to make sure that you are receiving the coverage that you’ve been paying for. Allow our experts to handle these things and we’ll get your life back to normal quickly.


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We are licensed to assist policyholders with property damage claims. UPPA laws prevent anyone without a license to do this work. We have the experience to navigate your claim through the process and advocate on your behalf to obtain the coverage that you deserve.

We are experienced and licensed professionals that will see your claim through from start to finish.


We will review and document the damaged areas to provide you with accurate information of your loss.


We communicate with your insurance company providing necessary info to properly settle your claim.


Not all damage is noticeable from the ground.  Which is why it’s important to have a professional inspection performed after any major storm event.

Wind Damage

Not all wind damage will result in missing shingles as the top picture illustrates.  As shown in the bottom photo, damage is often unnoticeable from the ground and is often simply creased across the top due to the shingle becoming unsealed allowing the wind to fold the shingle. The broken seal and crease lead to early deterioration that severely shortens the shingle service life expectancy and also leads to the development of interior leaks.   Therefore, a professional inspection should be performed after any major storm related event.

Hail Damage

Very rarely can hail damage be recognized and accurately diagnosed from the ground level.  Hail damage can cause granule loss, bruising to the shingle mat, and even puncture the shingle.  All of which severely shorten the service life of the shingle and lead to interior leaks.  Therefore, a professional inspection should be performed after any major storm related event.

Tornado Damage

Hail, High Winds, Downed Trees, Tree Branches & Blown Debris often accompany Tornado activity impacting the areas surrounding the location a tornado touches down.  Direct contact with a tornado is not required for it to cause severe damage to your home and other buildings located on your property.  Therefore, a professional inspection should be performed after any Tornado related events occur in your area.

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